We celebrate comida típica!

Continuing the tradition of crafting
authentic Mexican food

We are El Moose, a traditional Mexican restaurant born in the Pacific Northwest. Our recipes are authentic and represent many different regions. All dishes are made from scratch. Our salsa is spicy and served on the food, And our servings are made for sharing. We celebrate comida típica.  You will experience real people who care about serving you real regional Mexican food.

We are typically untypical.

We serve authentic regional Mexican food in Seattle, Washington. Our dishes are typical of Mexico. Our servers are kind and gracious, and rather untypical. We embrace our unique heritage and encourage individuality and authenticity.

We deliver full bellies and
full hearts.

At El Moose, kindness is king. We celebrate the art of cooking and take pride in serving others. Our food brings people together, and we serve each plate with heart.

We serve for our community.

El Moose is a tapestry of recipes and experiences woven together by exquisite human beings. We are the sum of those people and the places, and we serve for our community.

Take El Moose home!


WE are open!

Our dining room is open with limited capacity,
please come join us!

Monday        9am - 9pm
Tuesday        9am - 9pm
Wednesday   9am - 9pm
Thursday      9am - 9pm
Friday           9am - 9pm
Saturday       9am - 9pm
Sunday         9am - 3pm

Lunch/Brunch served 9am - 3pm Dinner served 3pm - 9pm
Our journey


We started El Moose with a vision. A vision to continue the tradition of crafting authentic Mexican food for future generations. Our food is a reflection of a family heritage. Developed from authentic family recipes handed down for decades and inspired by Mexican markets and roadside restaurants, and lots of cookbooks!

Feeding Seattle with love since 2004